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Whether you are looking for an antique or vintage dinner or tea service
or simply looking to replace a missing cup or plate etc.
we may have exactly what you need.

Buying China from The China Cabinet’s China Shops Couldn’t be easier!

There is something exceedingly decadent about fine bone china. It takes a little longer to make the tea as the pot appreciates being warmed and the tea cools slightly quicker through the delicate translucent walls of the cup so you have to set aside time to indulge yourself.  When it comes to a full blown dinner service however the luxury becomes sheer opulence. The simple act of laying the table becomes a work of art in anticipation of seeing the gilded discussionhes sparkle by candlelight in the evening. The rings and chinks of the china provide a music all of their own to accompany the meal and even the washing up becomes part of the occasion as the dishwasher is certainly a no-go zone.

Here at The China Cabinet we endeavour to bring you some of the finest English China from the leading manufacturers of the last 200 years. We have a passion for Indian Tree from the Coalport pottery in Shropshire and most of our collection is between 100 and 180 years old. Our other porcelains are also antique or vintage. All of our chinas have been used at sometime and may show small signs of wear, but unless stated otherwise they are of first quality and have no cracks or chips.

You can visit our China companies pages to learn more about the manufacturers we currently stock (more added regularly) or the China Shops for each manufacturer to buy china online!

“The ceramic history of The British Isles is invested with a peculiar interest by reason of its nearly perfect continuity from the early Celtic works to the Romano-British wares, the early Saxon, the Norman medieval imitations of Saracenic tiling, the lead-glazed wares of the sixteenth century, the stone-ware of the same period, the pottery of Staffordshire and Wedgwood, the first appearance of English porcelain, and so on, downward, to the works of Minton, Doulton, and others at the present time.  In no other country do we find material for an equally lucid illustration of the regular advance of the art from the primitive and rude to the elaborate, beautiful, and skilful. England supplies us with a wonderful and in every way admirable picture of the efficacy of persistent skilled endeavour in contending with technical difficulty.”

The Ceramic Art/ A Compendium of The History and Manufacture of Pottery and Porcelain.

We sell; Aynsley, Coalport, Crown Ducal, Crown Staffordshire, Frank Buckley, Late Mayers, Masons, Meakin, Mintons, Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester, Spode, Standard China and Windsor Bone China, porcelain and ironstone pottery, with more lines being added regularly.